Desolo Sub Humus

Desolo Sub Humus, Latin for 'Abandoned Under Ground', creates ambient soundscapes using field recordings, electronically generated drones, and instruments ranging from piano, wood flute, and sitar to new and experimental instruments. She began playing sheet music on violin in 1985 and began working with sound design in 2009. She enjoys incorporating cultural elements to what she creates, by using musical instruments and scales from other countries, especially countries where she has visited or lived.

Desolo Sub Humus released her first album, Regina Proserpina, in 2010 and has since released Grupta and Saturnalia, in 2011. A fourth album, Clarus Obscurus was released in 2012 and the single New Order and Old Ice was released on the compilation album New Eden Logs: Dead Logs by rem-fever-label in 2014.

This official site, is slated to be cancelled in mid-March, 2018. Please, download anything you wish from the store before then and update your bookmarks. Desolo Sub Humus can still be found on Twitter at @desolosubhumus. The site will be replaced, and when the replacement is ready, you will find a link to it on Twitter.